Semi Crazy Truck Wash offers high-end, full- or limited-contact washes for vehicles of all kinds. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with the best washing experience in Tulsa. We also offer fleet account services, which are ideal for businesses and organizations with a fleet of trucks that will need servicing. Large company trucks and delivery vehicles market your company while they’re out on the road, and we’ll make sure they are representing your company well by being sparkling clean. Investing in regular washes means investing in the protection and upkeep of your vehicles. Keep your vehicle looking fresh and fantastic with all of our washing services.

Truck/Trailer Wash

Full- or Limited-Contact:

  • Full: with mitts and brushes
  • Limited: with chemical bath


*Prices listed on price page*

RVs & Motorcoaches

We only use nylon brushes and synthetic mitts and are considerate of the surface we are cleaning.

Hopper Trailer Wash-Out

We will remove all debris from the interior of the trailer by getting inside trailer with hot, high-pressure water.

Sanitary Wash-Out

We utilize sanitary wash-outs that go beyond professional standards for food-carrying trucks.

Flatbed Trailer
Deck Wash

We will degrease and remove all debris from the deck. We also can brighten the deck for an additional fee.

Reefer / Dry Van

We understand that all debris must be removed from the interior of the trailer. We use hot water at 3500 psi and also offer sanitary wash-outs for an additional fee.

Pneumatic Tank Wash-Out

With a high volume hose we rinse out the interior of trailers and dispose of all debris.

Engine & Chassis Degreasing

We will provide you with a DOT-inspection-quality wash, removing all grease, oil, and other lingering fluids.

Tire Dressing

We offer a great silicon-based tire dressing that will give you a new look and help with the life of the tire.

Aquashield Protectant

We offer a residual protectant or hot wax to protect all surfaces of your vehicle.

Semi Crazy Truck Wash-reserves the right to change or rates or add additional charges to anything we wash based on the vehicle’s condition before arriving at our facility.
Please consider that pricing is based on a basic, regular wash.
If there is dirt, sand, salt, and/or ice on the vehicle, we will charge accordingly.

Why Washing Is Important

Are you tired of worrying about your vehicle meeting the standard, both from passers-by and from local authorities?


State, federal, and local laws all enforce strict regulations regarding the cleanliness of commercial vehicles. These regulations protect the environment, the local populaces, and whatever materials the trucks are carrying. At Semi Crazy Truck Wash, we have a thorough understanding of the regulations and standards that your vehicle needs to meet. Our goal is to clean your vehicle so professionally that they outshine the standard.


We understand your need for clean vehicles and are ready to provide you with the best solution. We offer fast, affordable, and excellent washes for any vehicle. Call us today!